Gn Therapy Project

the gn therapy project was designed to be a labor of love representing human kindness, compassion, affection and individual culture. With a desire to maintain creativity, our number one priority is to remodel the denim industry while preserving the gifts Mother Earth has bestowed upon us. Through Eco-Aging ™ we strive to make the developmental process of denim as “green” as possible. Our message once set, will grow on its own merits and not as a slave to the traditional business model. We are patient in nurturing our concept as we believe we will build our brand loyalty through our initiatives “one customer at a time”.

gn therapy, is the second phase of brand expansion. In this phase, time will reveal itself, here we will exhibit the Eco-Aged™ washes by collection. We have made this process as eco- friendly as possible by using organic and recycled materials, which will compliment the creative efforts of our Eco-Aging ™ process . Each collection is a derivative of artistic originals that are harvested and developed over time.

The ultimate goal is to extend our creative process to the world, choosing each location for its history and the impact it had on society. Demonstrating fashion with a distinctive point of view: with no wash ever duplicated, each piece is as unique as the individual.