38W : MOJAVE 1 Yr.
38W : MOJAVE 1 Yr. 38W : MOJAVE 1 Yr. 38W : MOJAVE 1 Yr. 38W : MOJAVE 1 Yr. 38W : MOJAVE 1 Yr.

38W : MOJAVE 1 Yr.

gn’s: THE MOJAVE 4 PKT 35°80’24" N; 115° 27’ 12.1” W

Considered to be the one of the “Crown Jewels of the American West,” The Mojave Desert is known for its aridity, harsh conditions and haunting landscapes. But it is most renowned for its largest and most colorful city, Las Vegas. Just a few acres of dusty land in the middle of The Mojave Desert, Las Vegas is filled with the stories of risk takers from all walks of life — frontiersmen, gamblers, gangsters, scientists, soldiers, movie stars, businessmen and the average Joe in search of the American Dream. With two distinct temperature changes dropping below 20 degrees in the winter to almost an average of 120 degrees in the summer, the extreme changes result in a unique Laundered wash.

These gn’s are constructed of raw Japanese selvedge denim, creating an uneven textured finish, combined with natural fabrics, organic dyes and durability through Eco-Aging ™ TM allowing the Earth’s elements to create a one-of-a kind “wash”.

Weight : 13 oz

Hardware : Antique Silver

Waist : 38

Length : 34 for all sizes


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